Copper House

This floor-through apartment is a part of the Copper House residential complex. The windows on all four sides offer breathtaking views to the Zachatyevskiy monastery and Moscow River. “A fairly inconspicuous aquarium full of hippos in the entrance hall is regal,” – says Tatyana with a laugh. The meaning of this metaphor is in the details, and we are going to tell you more about them now.

Year: 2019

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

Space: 230 square metres

When our customer decided to buy some real estate, we found this apartment for him. He wanted a contemporary, trendy and comfortable interior and gave us a carte blanche to accomplish this mission. We chose wood wall panels as a run through architectural and interior design element. They look delicate and still eye-catching. Like a wave rolling over from the entrance hall into the living room and further onto the kitchen furniture and into the bedroom where it subsides behind the bedhead.

The wall panels are quite functional too. They cover hidden storage space, become jib doors to the dressing and utility rooms and protect recessed cabinets with artworks by Dashi Namdakov from the customer’s own museum quality art collection.

Coming back to the details – we should definitely mention some of the original design elements. For instance, a small oval vanity table built in the corner windowsill in the bedroom. We designed this décor item which was produced on order using a mix of black Sahara Noir and white Calacatta Gold marble. A massive single unit marble island with a tongue-edged granite worktop dominates the kitchen. We gave up on wall mounted cabinets and extended the worktop onto the windowsill making the kitchen airy.

We chose two pieces of art for this design project even before we started it: a bright round painting by Olga Tobreluts (now in the entrance hall) and a bigger mosaic painting by Anatoliy Gankevich (now in the living-room). A modest and quite neutral color palette shifts the focus on works of art.

We used a whole lot of impressive décor items for this project including an armchair by Bruno Moinard, chairs by Warren Platner, an elegant oval coffee table with a partly detachable top by Chi Wing Lo from Hong Kong, a living room cabinet designed by the brilliant Italian sculptor Giuseppe Rivadossi (this truly collector’s item is made of light rose lime wood), eclipse mirrors from the Rossana Orlandi gallery among others.

And of course there is a one piece wooden bench by Valentin Loellmann in the entrance hall. We ordered it in a gallery in Paris even before the artist took part in the Cosmoscow art fair. The bench does look like a hippo inconspicuously hiding in an aquarium.