Tatiana and Dmitry Khoroshev are the founders of the company. Both are graduates from the Moscow Architectural institute. Dmitry did an internship at Columbia University in New York, USA. Now they give lectures in the "Details" Interior Decorators School.

Our team has been doing the interior design of residential units and public buildings for over 15 years now.

The core elements of our philosophy include attention to detail, professional responsibility for our decisions, perfectly balanced concepts and a good taste.

We acquired enough experience to bring any concept into reality, no matter how complex it may be. Top specialized magazines in Russia have covered all our projects for the last 7 years. We successfully completed a number of interior design projects and executed them in other countries, including Greece, Austria, Luxembourg and Italy.

We have been listed in AD Top 100 Russian architects for the last 6 years. One of our projects was chosen for the cover story of The Best AD 100 of 2018 issue.

“The Khoroshev Architectural bureau brought numerous projects to life. They are all very different but you could easily recognize the architects’ signature style in each of them despite all the peculiarities. And it is not only about their preferred colors, original lamps and a delicate mix of the antiques, tailor-made furniture and creative decorative components and materials. All of it is there, in every one of the Khoroshevs’ projects. But it is also about the design philosophy which the family duo shares.

They don’t think in terms of layout designs. They imagine 3D concepts of the space they are about to create. “We don’t see a room as a box with a door where we must arrange the furniture. Any interior design is about proportionating volumes. We visualize the future interior based on the technical design specifications we receive from a client. We take note of all his needs. We visualize the space in every detail ranging from the proportions of the sofa to the height where we install the light switches. As a result we create a 3D concept where the volumes and colors of the chosen furniture items, walls and focal points complement and balance out each other perfectly well. Then we simply build walls around these imaginary interior design concepts. It is similar to creating the world in the Inception movie”, the architects explain. This approach is quite peculiar but it helps the Khoroshev to keep their creative resourcefulness and their signature style.

They are very considerate to their customers. “We always think about the location of the future interior and the people who will live there. We adapt the new interior to the customer’s habits. If you consider all the details, you can create an interior where the customer will immediately feel comfortable – as if it were his home for a long time and not a completely new place,” – the Khoroshev explain.

The Khoroshev call their method “responsible designing” or “hand made designing”. A unique design is like tailor made clothes. It fits no one except the customer but if fits him perfectly well. And this is exactly what Tatyana and Dmitriy do.”

Yevgenia Mikulina, architectural critic