Although this apartment occupies a total area of 230 square meters, it has only 5 windows in the end walls with none lengthwise.

“The ambient light was clearly insufficient the middle part of the apartment. That is why we used this area for the utility rooms,” Dmitriy explained. As a result the architects designed a cube in the center of the apartment and covered its walls with wood and mirror panels. These panels reflect the sunlight shining in through the windows. Instead of fading out in the center of the apartment it keeps keep playing in an otherwise dark corridor with great panache.

Year: 2018

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

Space: 230 sq.m.

We shared some pictures of similar interior design projects with the clients and they truly enjoyed a house in Belgium reminiscent of Axel Vervoordt’s style. They chose a picture of the vase with simple twigs on a console. It was not even about the interior design. The client picked it up and said, “Yes, I love this one!’

We echoed the ambience of the picture in our project and placed a vase with some blossom branches on a console opposite the entrance door. We followed up on the theme of wood in the bedroom. Instead of a traditional painting we installed a wooden screen above the headboard. Low tree trunks and birds are hand painted on watercolor paper. One day we found two screens in an antique shop by the Place du Sablon in Brussels. We knew right away that the screens were absolutely unique. We bought them without any particular project in mind. We believe the screens were produced in 1950s. But no one could say that for sure, including the owner of the antique shop.

One of the four walls in each and every room would immediately grab your attention with its unusual finish. For example, a wall in the living room is decorated with black textile-looking wallpaper. We carefully selected it to make sure that its scale and elements would be proportional to the room where we used it. The wallpaper in the kids’ bedroom with its intricate floral ornament was designed and produced by Elli Popp. We met a designer from Elli Popp in London a couple of years ago and now we love using their wallpaper in our projects.

As a result, an apartment which was not originally well-planned, became a comfortable living space filled up with art objects. And that was the main objective of the project. Creating a home you love is about finding the right paintings and sculptures rather than hardwood or sofas.