Academican Pavlov Street

The upper part of this contemporary residential complex overhangs the lower part at the level of the 18th floor. An outside RC perimeter beam runs below all the windows of the apartment which nevertheless offers a fantastic view to a city park.

Year: 2021

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

Space: 70 square metres

Since we purchased this apartment as an investment, nothing could limit us in the interior design except for our own imagination and budget as well as the architectural peculiarities of the building. The outside RC perimeter beam gave us an idea to make windowsill couches and benches. Asymmetrical wall recesses in between the windows gave us an idea to use the wall surface to the max. The wall recesses were transformed into storage and book shelves. The lady who eventually bought the apartment has a big collection of books. And numerous book shelves were another reason she made her choice.

We chose the delicate blush color for all the walls and the ceiling. Shortly before we started this project, we went to visit a well-known French interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch and we were truly impressed with how beautiful this color looks in the interior. We painted an accent ceiling fresco in the guest room. Delicate and perfectly detailed panels based on Japanese watercolors and hand painted by an artist from our own company made the focal points both in the living room and in the bedroom.

A bearing column right across the entrance door was another challenge. We built a structure for the fridge and an upper kitchen cabinet against the column and decorated it with narrow rectangular mirror tiles. We could never imagine how wonderful the tiles would work on a sunny day! They send sunlight spots all over the apartment making it look absolutely magical.

As a result we got an integral and solid interior perfectly adapted to the total square area of the apartment and the designers’ ideas. And with a very good vibe.