When a whole family entrusts one of its members to discuss all the details with the architects and take necessary decisions, it gives a real boost to the project. On the contrary, involving both a husband and a wife can really slow things down. Especially when their tastes are so different. Any chance for a compromise? We found the way. We showed the same collections of interior designs to both and asked them to note down on each picture if they like it or not. That was the only way to find out the areas of common interest. They approved the layout design really fast. But they took their time to select the home décor and they really loved the process.

Year: 2014

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

Space: 250 sq.m.

We had a lot of really long meetings where we discussed each and every object in detail. Their approach fitted our philosophy really well. Our motto is: “Developing a good interior bears no haste. Just like a tailor made suit, a good interior must be elaborate in every tiny detail.”

All the selected objects are dear to the owners and we helped them incorporate these objects into a perfectly balanced design project. The living and dining room looks quite luxurious. But the bedroom is so bold and modern: the bed resting on transparent plexiglass supports is visually levitating.

Black trace drawings against a white background are widely accepted in contemporary interiors. We decided to go the other way round and use the black wall behind the headboard as a background for white lamps, mounted tables and a white leathered armchair from Charles and Ray Eames. Another very special element of home décor is a framed canvas, hand woven by craftsmen from Indonesian Sumatra. That is a real treasure we found in Brussels.

Ethnical elements in the interior design can be tricky and even dangerous. Jean-Louis Deniot said, “You should be extremely cautious. The slightest exaggeration will turn your house into a colonial store.” The Interior+Design magazine believes that “Tatiana and Dmitriy Khoroshev showed a good sense of proportion and a refined taste. They know ethnical art well and they enjoy introducing ethnical details into their interior design projects. They truly take the Bali local culture to heart when they traveled to the island.”