Ever since our first visit to the Musée du quai Branly in Paris featuring indigenous art and cultures, we wanted to do an Africa-themed interior design project. And finally we got lucky. A young and daring couple contacted us about interior design of their apartment with a total area of 110 sq. m. and they were ready to go wild. It all came together when we found out that the young lady was born in Tanzania. We knew we will get our inspiration in Africa.

Year: 2022

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

We divided the apartment into a bigger social zone comprising the living room, the dining room and the kitchen where the family spends most of their time and a smaller private zone made of bedrooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms. The interior is full of out-of-the-box solutions, optical illusions and humour. “We always strive to add a bit of irony to our projects. A touch of irony helps us make the interior more cheerful and enjoyable,” – says Dmitriy.

Glass mirror strips on the walls and graphic ceiling panels in the social zone visually enlarge the small entrance hall. An ornamented half column separates it from the living room. We painted the accent wall in the living room rich green. The kitchen is decorated with tineo and ebony wood details. The color palette in the hallway includes saffron on the ceiling and terra cotta on the walls. The bedrooms however are serene white and green.

We complemented the flamboyant color mix with African masks, vintage items and antiques, old Sumatra textiles we found in antique shops in Brussels, fabrics from Pierre Frey’s African collection and contemporary designer furniture. A custom-made burnt wooden coffee table in the living room is based on our own designs.

The study is a truly spectacular room ready to become a set for a new masterpiece movie by Wes Anderson. You will find floor panels made of three different kinds of wood which create a 3D optical illusion, a zebra hide, classical English check wallpaper, monkey wall lights, a Madame Blush poster and a ceiling panel of a reworked replica of the Sistine Chapel fresco with the prophets wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses.