This country house is located in an old dacha village. The task seemed relatively easy. The interior design had to be contemporary and presentable but not too extravagant. The customer preferred smart aesthetics to bland replicas. At the same time we had to keep the vibe of the place where numerous writers and intellectuals came to work in summer. We are very proud of this project. Despite all the challenges it definitely worked out – especially if you compare the Before and After pictures.

Country: Россия

The house was originally built in a ravine full of age-old pine trees. As a result it was almost always poorly lit. We revamped the facades using a special stone polishing technology which gave it a velvety feel and an opulent texture and added some deliberately ‘burnt’ wood planks. We also updated the geometry of the entire house and the roof and installed additional windows. The interior layout of the house was revised too. We moved the elevator, enlarged the total area of the living room at the same time reducing reducing its height. As a result we got more area on the first floor which we allocated for a big dressing room. We also moved a wall in the basement area which let us enlarge the pool and lighten up the basement room.

The zoning layout remained mostly the same although the intended use of some zones changed. We decided to keep the existing design solutions which were familiar and clear to the customers. But we wanted to freshen them up. Contemporary ribbed kitchen complemented the antique Finnish furniture in the dining room. Designer armchairs were placed in front of the Florentine fireplace of the 15th century. We removed patina from its forged décor and restored it to its former beauty. The idea was to retain the vibes of the house by keeping all the working elements of its original design.

We went for a light primary color scheme dotted with darker contrasting accents. For instance, we painted the vaulted ceiling of the second floor black and made ornamental silk wall panels in black mouldings focal points in the master bedroom. The emphasized value contrast further accents the natural light in the interior.

The spa area with a pool is probably the most telling example of the interior reconstruction. We paneled the blank wall and the secret doors to the utility rooms with Panda White black and white marble and used off-white microcement on the rest of the walls, the floor and the ceiling. We also set up a separate hammam with a big shower room and installed an arch gallery along the edge of the pool (unaligned arches of different sizes create a particular 3D effect and visually enlarge the room) and decorated the ceiling above the pool with a modernist painting inspired by the art of early 20th century. A huge spherical lamp of 1 meter in diameter which resembles a full moon at night was hung above the jacuzzi which was moved closer to the door. A lounge chair by Charlotte Perriand fits in the interior really well. The Starting Point sculpture by Sergey Sobolev placed outside and facing the cascade waterfall made the perfect final touch.