This design project was based on paradox. To begin with, the customers bought a classical and almost Palladian house with four columns build in every façade. But their dream was a contemporary American interior filled with pieces of avantgarde art…

Year: 2021

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

Space: 1350 square metres

The scope of works was colossal! Initially the house had a total area of 750 square meters which we doubled by building balconies and a linked house with a spa area. A heated underground passage lets you move to the spa area and back in comfort even when it is cold outside. We had to move the columns apart in the main house in order to enlarge a tiny door behind them into an adequate entrance unit. It helped us offset the excessive height of the basement level and make the house look balanced. We moved the driveway and the garage door to the lateral façade – otherwise it would aesthetically damage the main façade and the entrance unit. The linked house with the spa area was built at the level of the ground floor of the main house. The garden and the area in between the houses was elevated to the same level too.

The major architectural revision paved way for the interior design development which was the same meticulous and focused on detail. We designed a spacious oval entrance hall with a vaulted ceiling, a main staircase and the walls painted by avantgarde street artists. That called for dismantling a major part of the slab. We nested a TV set in a graphic panel made of black glass – that was the first time we used this design trick. The black glass panel itself is an art object which works perfectly well in juxtaposition to the antique white marble fireplace mantel across the room. Opulent textures and an elaborate color scheme with accented black, white and gold dominate the interior and create a solid spatial pattern.

On the first floor there is a master bedroom, the bedrooms of the daughter and the son – each with a bathroom and a dressing-room and allocated office or study area. We created private and comfortable space for each family member. Right after the renovation was over, the house welcomed a marriage party of the eldest daughter in the family.

We decorated one of the walls in the pool area with water resistant wallpaper, a graphic panel and glass mosaic which reflects the water in the pool. A glass ceiling and wood ceiling beams create fantastic geometrical effects of light and shade on a sunny day. The marble veins in the hammam somewhat echo the graffiti in the entrance hall and the geometrical ornaments in the interior. We put up water resistant wallpaper with an exuberant jungle print in the lounge area. The shower room and the plunge tub are decorated with green Moroccan Zelligi tiles and green marble. A window wall in the sauna overlooks tall pine trees and fir trees which were planted there in accordance with the design plan.

“But in fact, the interior is not that solemn,” - says Tatyana. “For instance, we have got cherry blossom branches overhanging the sideboard in the dining room and a peacock coming from behind it. And a flock of small birds are flying above the cabinet as if they came in through the window a second ago.” The artist prepared a detailed development drawing before starting to hand paint the wall to make sure he respected the furniture positioning. A touch of delicate irony tones down the overall grandeur of the interior.